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Server Rules & Commands
Server IP:
  1. Hacking or using advantageous modifications is strictly forbidden.
  2. Advertising servers, community non-related links or IP's is strictly prohibited.
  3. You must respect other community players, especially the Staff Team at all time.
  4. No ban evading! If you are banned on any account, that means you are forbidden to join until you get unbanned from that account.
  5. Random Deathmatch (RDM) is not allowed (attacking innocent players - usually white or yellow-colored on the map and radar).
  6. Refilling your armor / health more than TWICE in combat is not allowed.
  7. Camping in any interior while in combat or as a bounty is prohibited (Faction HQ's, 24/7 stores, ammunations, houses, etc..)
  8. Spamming taze on a player without making an attempt to arrest them is not permitted.
  9. Cop hunting is not allowed (spawn-killing cops in or around their base/spawnpoint).
  10. Attacking EMTs is not allowed unless they are in a package radius, drug farm or gang turf. EMTs are not allowed to hold weapons AT ALL.
  11. Revenge killing is now allowed at all times.
  12. Continuously killing players in their Faction HQ after being told to stop is not allowed.
  13. /Su(spect) abuse is not allowed (giving someone wanted level without a proper reason for it). Read /sureasons in-game for valid reasons.
  14. Bug abuse of any kind to gain an advantage over others is strictly prohibited.
  15. Scamming players is not allowed (not fulfilling your end of a bargain, etc).
  16. Score farming with the help of friends / bugs is not allowed.
  17. Spamming and flooding the chat is not allowed (applies to everything except for the faction chat).
  18. Quitting / committing suicide to avoid death, robbery, rape, arrest or anything similar is not allowed.
  19. Quitting to avoid waiting the 30 second respawn timer after dying in a zone is not allowed.
  20. Passenger seat abuse is not allowed. (Shooting as passenger without having a driver).
  21. You're not allowed to donate for anyone except for yourself (VIP Shop).
  22. You are not allowed to use a Proxy/VPN or any software that hide your IP.
  23. No offensive or unreadable names! (Examples: 4917823, ibangyou, .#xx41&/, etc.)
  24. You are allowed to have only one account with property (houses and businesses). Number of accounts is unlimited (as long as you are not breaking Server rule #4 and this rule).
  25. Not following an order from a Staff member is punishable. If you have a reasonable doubt that the Staff member is abusing his authority, you have full rights to report it.
  26. Trolling, hoaxing or any other negative behavior is strictly forbidden.
  27. Any staff gatherings, events or anything where the on-duty Staff Team is in-charge of the player meet-up, you are not allowed to disturb them unless you are allowed to by the rules of the event or by the staff member.
  28. Account sharing is strictly prohibited! No one but the creator of the account should have access to it.
  29. Key bindings are considered as third-party programs thus they are NOT ALLOWED!
Drug Farm Rules:
  1. -Cops and EMTs are not allowed to drive the drug truck regardless if it's loaded or not.
  2. -Attacking EMTs is allowed inside the farms.
  3. -Attacking innocents is allowed ONLY if they attempt to steal the drug truck or try to destroy it through a way or an other.
  4. -Revenge killing is allowed inside the drug farm.

For every rule exceptions can be made but only under the authorization of a Level 6+ Admin


Civilian Commands :

Aim your weapon at the Vendor/NPC to rob a business.
/rob [ID] : Robs a players money.
/rape [ID] : Rapes a player and may give him a sexual transmitted disease.
/stealuniform : Used at a police station to steal a uniform.
/bribe [amount] : Used to bribe the closest cop (while being cuffed only)
/partnerrob : Used to initiate a partner-rob. 
/look : Used to look at the armoury of a weapon dealer when they have offered you to.
/paybail : Used to pay your bail when you are in jail.
/escape : Used to escape from jail.
/payticket : to pay all tickets you have 
/usedrugs [amount] : To use drugs, and heal yourself. Has side effects such as a changed screen color, and shaking.
/givedrugs [ID] [amount] : Give someone free drugs.

Assassin commands:

/bomb : Places a bomb, you can explode it by pressing the detonator. 
/carbomb : To place a bomb in a vehicle (sets off in 5 seconds).
/stealth : Hides yourself on the map, and shows you as white to police.
/decoy : Places a decoy blip of you on the map, and hides you. This is useful for running away from cops.

Cop Commands :

/ta [ID], /cuff [ID], /ar [ID] : Taze, then cuff, then arrest an orange/red suspect.
IDs are optional when cuffing or arresting a player. You must use an ID while tazing.
You can also taze by using a deagle, aiming at the player, and middle mouse button.
/tk [ID/name]: Used to ticket a yellow player. 
/loc [ID] : To find a player. This command is only usable by CIA.
/satellite [ID] : To watch a player. You must be SWAT and at the satellite on the top of the SWAT base.
/search [ID] : To search a player for drugs. An alternate command for this is /frisk.
/stinger : To install various "stingers" to stop players. Stingers include spike strips, road blocks, and bombs.
/armoury : Used to get weapons from armouries which are located in prison, LSPD, etc.
/su [ID] [reason] : Used to increase the wanted level of a innocent/yellow player to a 2 wanted level (needed to arrest them). Do not abuse this.
/r [message] : To talk to cops that are with the same agency as you.
/d [message] : Used to talk to all police agencies(National guard, SWAT, CIA, etc).
/uncuff [ID] : To uncuff a cuffed player.
/accept bribe : To accept a bribe that a cuffed criminal has offered you.
/cleantag : To clean the spray from a tag location. You must first have a spray can (can be purchased from 24/7).
/res : To respond to the last dispatch call. This will send a message to cops informing them that you are responding.
Special Force(s) commands:
/sf : To talk within the special force radio.
/hidebadge (or /stealth): To hide your self from the mini-map and arrest the criminal(s).
/armoury : You can use this command while you're in the back of "Enforcer" van to view an armoury.

Regular Commands:

/kill : Command to kill yourself. If you're a criminal, to use this command you must only be white (not wanted).
/DM : Used to go to the death match (DM) arena. You may only use criminal classes when in DM (no cop classes). After you use /DM, use /kill to enter the arena.
/leavedm : Used to leave the DM arena.
/buybait [amount] : Used to buy bait. You must be at the bait stand near the fishing pear.
/stopfish : Used to stop fishing.
/ransom [ID] : Command used to pay the random of a kidnapped player.
/buy : To buy items when in a store. 
/myradio : To use your radio and pick the station. You must first purchase the radio from 24/7.
/ID [part of player name] : To view the ID of all players which match the part of the name you searched for.
/averageplayers : Shows the average player count.
/dnd : Disables players from PMing you.
/block [ID] : Block a player from PMing you. 
/admins : Shows a list of online administrators.
/helpers : Shows a list of online helpers.
/report [ID] [reason] : Report a player to all online staff when they are rule breaking/hacking (be sure to use proper ID's and reasons when reporting.)
/dmg : Allows you to toggle different effects of when you damage a player.

Vehicle Commands :

/lock : locks/unlocks your car. You can not lock/unlock your car from outside.
/buyneon : to buy a neon for $10000
/carcolor [color1] [color2] : Changes your car color (owned vehicle only). You can view the list here.
/cw [message] : Chat with the players that are inside of your car.
/car : Shows options relating to your car(s).
/eject [id] : to get a passenger out of your vehicle (you have to be the driver)
/GPS : Gives you a list of common places, when selected from the menu it will put a checkpoint on the map (Must be redone if you get out of your car)

Chat Commands:

/pm [id] [message] : to send a private message to a player
/L [message] : To talk with nearby players 
= [message] : To chat with your faction members
/RE [Message]: To reply the last pm you got
/CW : To talk with your car passengers

House Commands:

/sellhouse : Sells your house to the state, leaving it available for anyone to buy. This gives you back some of your original money that you bought it with.
/house : To store anything in the house (Money, Drugs), and also to buy furniture.
/offerhouse [id/name] [amount] : Offer your house to another player. You must both be reasonably close to the house.
/renthouse [id/name] : Offer to rent your house to someone.
/evict [id/name] : Evict a player that you are renting your house to.
/renters : Displays a list of people who you are currently renting your house to.

this topic is under constant construction, we are grateful for any suggestions on updating this topic!
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