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VIP Information & Features

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On the following link you can find the LSCnR VIP shop where you can buy yourself new items and features: http://server.gaming-c.com/vip/index.php

Here, you will find 6 sections, two of them are regarding your account status and help, the other are regarding the VIP shop products.

First you need to understand that there are two types of currency, Loyalty Credits and Credits. Once you succeed your purchase, you get both Loyalty and regular credits and in the same amount (so if you got 100 credits you will get 100 loyalty credits). However, loyalty credits will never decrease, not even after you purchase the available products for them, while regular credits will. 

There is only one donation option and that is via PayPal, although, we are working on adding much more. Since every service has it's own fee, we have decided that with PayPal 1€ (euro) is equal to 100 credits (VIP shop currency).

Loyalty shop:

In this section, you will find the only currently available option and that is the Helper Status which requires 10000 loyalty credits. With this, you get a chance to be apart of the Staff Team and be considered as an actual helper. By activating this option, since you are considered as every other Staff member, you are expected to follow the Staff rules and the higher levels have the right to remove your status whenever you are abusing or improperly doing your duty. For more info, you can contact any higher level.


Stats are regarding changes to your in-game stats depending on your order. You have the ability to buy in-game cash, criminal & cop skills and property keys. Cash can be used to buy in-game property, businesses, guns, drugs, etc. There are score-restricted features so buying criminal and/or cop skill can help you achieve those milestones faster. Property keys are used to buy exclusive in-game property such as VIP Luxuries and Mansions as well as Clubs, restaurants and so on. 

Cash: 100.000$ - 50 credits ; 500.000$ - 225 credits ; 1.000.000$ - 400 credits ; 5.000.000$ - 1600 credits
Score: 50 score - 1000 credits ; 100 score - 1500 credits ; 500 score - 3000 credits ; 1000 score - 4500 credits

Property Keys: 1PK - 100 credits ; 5PK - 490 credits ; 7PK - 680 credits ; 10PK - 950 credits


There are all sorts of features you can buy, such as being able to spawn with a gun, having an ability to spawn vehicles, heal yourself, being able to chat in color and etc. The duration of these features can be found in the VIP Shop. One of the highlights of this section is that for 500 credits you can become apart of the National Guard, which is a special Law Enforcement class that is allowed to use tanks and jets (with a strict set of rules).  For more features, check out the VIP shop!


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