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Hiring Staff Members!

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Hello, we are looking for new administrators who are willing to survey our server!! 

if you meet the following requirements you can feel free to apply even f you don't have running application  right now.


1. You should have an acceptable English skills.

2. You must know the basic rules and what is and is not allowed.

3. Your top priority should always be to help a player in need. 

4. You can work under pressure with staff members and check each report and helpme requests.

5. willing to do your job how hard it would be and knows how to obey higher levels orders.

This a form example of question which you are going to answer in your application 

what's your In-Game name :

List all your previous names in the community:

Why do you want to be an admin? 

What would you do as an admin?

Why should we choose you as admin, instead of someone else: 

Your timezone and time when you're online, In server time. (For example: from 18:00 to 23:00) 

Are you a staff member on any other server(s): 

Do you have experience as admin:  you can rate 0/10

What is your age:

2. Please show a picture of your in-game stats with the date. (/stats)

if you have running applications you can post a link to it?

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