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  1. Don- Edi Rama underboss- Hashim Tachi
  2. Yes, because you weren't involved in this, otherwise you'd never hear something like that.
  3. Yo, even if they left us, we should respect their decission whatever happened, they served good and helped us alot gathering these important things such as golden bars and drugs, thanks alot guys, have fun!
  4. Well, I'm kinda busy, working irl, I barely sit on a PC nowadays
  5. Cartoon mid is disallowed as fat as I know since it gives you advantages such as running through a wall, also infernus is buggy..
  6. Spider


    Hello dear players, as all of you already know that GTA V is free now on epic games launcher, why don't you create a server and try your luck there? I'm pretty sure you'd success.
  7. We'll discuss about the current situation, I don't know their stories why and how this happened, but if Chii had broke a server rule, KeKs had all rights to punish him, we'll see.
  8. God... What's wrong.... APPLICATIONS=CLOSED.
  9. Soon my friend.. Also, Saho has been invited, welcome!
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