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  1. i know , but i selected this place because i want to the this report to the normal players
  2. now u can check the ammount of prople how much left? when he dont kick/ban that player who was using aimbot since cheater players was 12 but now 5 , you can see the lost of our server
  3. First of all , what kind of admin you've hired? im asking to the server manager+ , one guy was using aimbot and i reported then i said irobot to check my report but irobot was in NG position and still attending the zones but didn't check the reports so tell us what can we do?????fucking admins , tell us manager? if u cant control the admin and this server so allow us to leave this server and i wont play it again i forget to click the proofs when it was in NG Baze
  4. My mate you're right and do work but , we should advertise our server and we should make an topic on it and their we will have to giveaway the prices , who will help us to do the advertise it, for example , if anyone help us to post this server ip into 15-20 sides like on Facebook samp page and instagram , so he'll get 1pk some like this. maybe we should make topic on it and everyone participate on it. its my opinion.
  5. This server required hard work now that is not any ready to do this.
  6. what the hell is this server? i have been tired to still said that "do work on this server" "do work on this server" "do work on this server" are the admins are sleeping?????? maybe you should closed this server , 2-3 days ago it was with 5-10 players any time but now? when i joined only the one players was online that player name "Legend" you can see his name in the picture , so what are you doing admins? If you cant do any work on it so tell me clearly i wont play it again. and im sure , this server wont be run more than 1-2 week , if you dont work on it.
  7. Any application Format?
  8. How can we apply to become a part of its team
  9. Yes, I gave this idea about all of admins but Im very happy that admins accept my idea and I'm here to help you everywhere in the advertisement server
  10. Hey Everyone ! im here to say you a question. 1.maybe you're looking that CnR isn't growing up from 25-30 players right? im playing this since 2012 so , the ammount of players are still 25 to 30 in morning and sometime 5-10 so, im very afraid to see it, its still since 2-3 years.....im ready to hlelp to this server so im here to say you that.....plz you should said admin to request the players to post this server ip address on everywhere like social media for advertise the server and clicks the pics and also make an topic on forum where the players upload pics of the advertisements and make giveaways for these players in gbs/money/pk on it For Example. If any player advertise this ip address on 1, 5,10 social areas so he'll get 1pk/money or golden bars etc..........maybe you've understand what i want to say????So , im very ready to help this server so please make an topic for upload the pics of advertise the ip's on social media , i think its last way from where the server can grow up so please .......because this server advertise in the start. im not good in english to say you as well , maybe everyone has been understand what i want to say. thank you.
  11. im from pakistan , but here isn't paypal and onebip account so how can i donate the credits?
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