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  1. What happened to the format? It just seems incomplete. Nonetheless, I support this guy. + Teamworker + SF guy +/- Decent skills Additional Note: FK leaders, pls edit the topic. There were some names that are not supposed to be there anymore and kindly put my name on the list already. Aightt, let's keep this rollin'. Peace out!
  2. SkuLL

    Customized Skins

    I see, their version is 0.3DL. Now it makes sense. Since CnR is in 0.3.7, this suggestion seems to be senseless then.
  3. Hi everyone, I just want to suggest that what if we put skin mods on the game. Not a skin mod that only you, yourself can see but a skin mod that everyone in the sv can see. A customized skins that will be design by someone and can put it in the sv. I already played in an RP sv that have different customized skins design that works smoothly and it's amazin'. I don't know how they've done it, but imagine if we have it. It'll attract not just new but old players. Ik it will have a lot of work load to do as we will need designers, but I do think it will help the server regain its players. Also, if we get the chance to work things with this. I suggest that it should be claimed not by just donatin' but that's another what if. That's all for now hombre's. Ciaoo. P.S. If you guys want samples, I'll send some in discord such as gang skins etc. later.
  4. Can i ask if this is compatible with windows 10?
  5. Wb Chii, you got urself an introduction eh? Haha.
  6. Can someone send our discord link again, cuz the previous one that i found here was already expired. Also I'm back active again. Maras promoted me to Big Balla but if it's gonna be void, you can put my rank at shot calla as i recall it was my previous rank.
  7. Helos, glad to see DS making an introduction in CnR.
  8. Sup FK brotha's, been a while. Hope you guys rollin' good.
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