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  1. Very nice, good job!
  2. What's your in-game name?: Good List your previous names in GC, C5 and P5: Killer_Man / KillerZ Where are you from?: Syria What's interesting you to join DS?: First of all the members are always active, i would never find the server without at least one with the [DS] Tag, second is that you don't care about ratio because i am more into arresting than killing while playing as a cop, third is the teamwork i have played a little bit with some of the members of this faction and i just found out i like it. What are your previous clans(C5 and P5 included) and why did you leave it?: None. Do you agree to abide by GC & DS rules?: Of course and i would never break the rules. What will be your name with the [DS] tag in case you got accepted?: [DS]Good Your Discord ID: Good #3751 Post a screenshot of your stats:
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