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  1. @fl1k it doesnt give me permission to download the links can you send me that in private message, i need fps boost
  2. /Support of course all must respect and help the new players. But I can't understand you Panda, how you say I lead this with Rabbit when you first hunt and kill the new players. Maybe you should start by yourself (my opinion). Anyway its not about to lead anything. Its all about with the respect you show and welcome the new players so they will stay here. Its not a gang so you can't lead anything
  3. I have already talked with some of them (streamers of others servers). To be honest i asked them in chat during their live stream and they most of them know our old C5 community and old server's RR and cnr. Anyway we must atteact old but and new players! I suggested sth which request good pc in order to live stream but I think there are players in our server who have and they are willing to do that, you can make a topic finding streamers to promote our server. @ProTotyPe sorry brother habahhahah I am blind
  4. @Chance I want to say that your idea is amazing. I have to mention something . Youtube is an application which it can attract a lot of players. I am watching every day live stream's by people who play in different servers and there are hundreds of people who like these server's and sit to watch too. Why "role play" servers can have so many players (500 players) and we can't. Lets be honest cnr server is more attractive to play than a role play...Anyway my idea is by the players to start doing livestreams on youtube in order to advertise our server
  5. I didn't know Fk has Supreme Leader someone with the name Nikita
  6. The best faction power by Mr. You are legends
  7. @fl1k hello brother I really missed you. We will talk soon
  8. @Hamdii i dont think this is place to fight with me...
  9. I am Cnr legend my friend!!!!! And i don't know why you post here and What's your problem with me. Anyway I think its not your business and believe me I am not like you to suck the "duck" by all adminostrators in order to have a protection. I have the balls to go against everyone and prove only the trurh!!
  10. Hello guys Vagrancy here. They closed my other forum account without reason anyway. Welcome to my brother droki . I hope you are all healthy and happy
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