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  1. Topic updated a bit, members as well. #bestowner
  2. Updated. Rule #19 added: Witch-hunting of any player or staff member is strictly prohibited (in indirect or direct way, you are not allowed to constantly target a player and wait for him to make a wrong move). A reminder, all community rules apply to the server rules and vise versa (only the ones which can be applied).
  3. Rule 29. added: Key bindings are considered as third-party programs thus they are NOT ALLOWED!
  4. Added rule #18: Do not contact Staff Members outside the community (that includes other social medias, gaming platforms, discord PMs, etc.). Some use their free time to relax from their administrative duties and being spammed on every platform can be annoying.
  5. Gaming-C presents to you - One on One - Weekly Events! Introduction We will be hosting 1v1 elimination tournaments every Sunday at 19:30 CET (google: "19:30 CET to my time" to find out the time in your region). The winner of each tournament will get a 5.000.000$ and +3 points on the ladder. The player who loses in the final will get +2 points and losers of semi-finals will get +1 points on the ladder. These events will be held for the next 4 weeks starting from tomorrow and by the end of the tournament, first three on the ladder will get an extra reward! There might be special rounds like sniper-only, one in the chamber and etc. For every match you can place bets! You can place up to 2 bets per event day but not on the same two participants (match) and not on yourself! For any further information, make sure you follow this topic! Rules Both players will start with the same loadout and health! Usage of commands is prohibited! Spectators are allowed to move around the spectator benches without entering or in any kind interrupting the game! You must apply before each event in order to participate (2 hors before the start)! Crashing, being paused or being absent in any other way will result in a loss! Betting money will be gathered before the start of each event and your payments will be delivered after the event! For every win by disqualification, the betting quota on the winner will be 1.0 Any match-setups will be considered as event disturbing and a severe punishment will be given to the player(s) Applications Participation app: Leave a reply here with just "In-game name: MyName" and nothing else within that reply! You will get a confirmation if your application is accepted. Betting is currently disabled You will get a confirmation if your application is accepted and your possible reward. Ladder SirBandit - 4 Rock- 3 Nikola - 3 Triston- 3 Nature - 3 Hamdii - 2 Deadsea - 2 Bronzilla - 2 Toni - 1 Spider - 1 Drzazga - 1 zola - 1 iRobot - 1 ExiT - 1
  6. Weedz has been reassigned to his Senior Admin (3) position. Flareon has been reassigned to his Senior Admin (3) position.
  7. We are on it as we speak!
  8. @Droki Health & Armor (/dheal) is 600 credits which equals to 6€ (1€ - 100 credits)
  9. Alright, added about the CIA vehicle. As for that arrest thing, I gotta try it before giving details on a fix to royal And thanks.
  10. first 5 are on the todo list, as for the arrest, can you give me details on that one? and on the CIA vehicles, whats up with them? People not getting spawned with weapons added on the list
  11. Welcome to the Beta Testers
  12. Chance has been set as Special Forces General
  13. @jean I haven't seen you yet
  14. Wizard has been promoted to Human Resources (6).
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