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  1. Samp server will remain online but development will stop.
  2. Hi all! I will cut to the chase right away and just say that it's time to move on from SAMP to something newer and better. We plan to create GTA V FiveM or RageMP server, we need to weigh which one would be the better option for us. Also if you have experience in these clients and servers, let us know which one would be better in your opinion. Our plan is to create Cops and Robbers server, like we have now but just with a newer game with better gameplay, features, etc. So we also would like to hear any suggestions you'd have for us. About the suggestions, it can be either about forums, server itself or discord. Whatever you feel like we should add, you can suggest it. We also are looking into hiring new devs for this project so if you are interested, contact me via PM. If you have any questions, post below.
  3. djordje Resigned from his Mapper position. Master has been set as Server Mapper.
  4. djordje has been Hired as Official Server Mapper.
  5. Ismail has been Promoted to Head Admin (5). ProToTyPe has been Promoted to Lead Admin (4). Chance has been Promoted to Human Resources (6).
  6. Hamdi has been Promoted to Server Manager (8).
  7. Stinger has been hired as Trial Admin (1) - VIP Shop.
  8. Hamdi confirmed it, I will give you full refund soon as the server is online.
  9. Didn’t see your name in the bizz oweners list when I went through the db backup.
  10. All that have posted so far should have received a refund. Some only received a partial refund due to lack of proofs, this is unfortunate but it's the best I can offer. I would suggest that everyone takes a screenshot of their /stats with /date when you purchase your next business and or house incase we suffer another database error in the future.
  11. So did perfect already refund the bizz price or what's the case here?
  12. Hello all, we are aware of the fact that some of you may have lost your business due to database issue. We will issue refunds to those individuals of course. In order to speed up the refunds, I would kindly ask you to post following details: In-game name: Picture of your business location: Picture of your /stats:
  13. Spider has been fired from his Server Admin (2) position. Triston has been fired from his Trial Admin (1) position. Hamdii has been promoted to Server Admin (2) position. KeKs has been set as Community Manager.
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