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  1. Nice one, but gotta add more spray locs
  2. It's a good suggestion but isn't what i'm trying to explain here. In order to capture zones you need more people with you. I just said that we need a way to get scores alone, by ourself.
  4. I dont think that it's fair. Because criminals can rob one store per minute and they get 2 criminal skill from it. Also can carjack every minute. Plus you will waste more time while going to the location. Because the location will be random, differently while robing stores that there's one side by side of another.
  5. A lot of people just started playing and they're excited to earn score to unlock new classes and apply for factions,SF, NG. But there's a problem: As a cop you're dependent of the presence of others players in order to earn score, arresting and killing red/bounty criminals. Otherwise to earn XP as criminal is way more easier, because you can do it when there's no one online in the server: Robing stores, carjacking, or even partnerrobing with only one friend. So here is my suggestion: Add a way to earn cop scores without the dependency of others online players. And it will be good for everyone, especially the newbies who doesn't got much skill to fight or arrest. Earning score as cop is always more dificult than as a criminal. My suggestion: A system where the cop is called to defend a location for certain time and he will earn some score when it is done. Something like that: "Criminals are hunting Mr.Sidney, please go and watch his house/location in order to restrain the criminals. - Stay at the location for one minute and earn 3 scores." It would be a random location or house around los santos, and there will be one alarme every 2 minutes or 3. And you could add a command like " /watchman" to add the location to the GPS. So, the topic is open for new suggestions about this and how it will work, the only thing that maters is that we need a differently way to earn cop score.
  6. Just blaclist any VT/DS/BB pls
  7. Support there's no argue about that.
  8. OnweD


    I dont think that it's overpowered. ANY Criminal that is part of any faction can easily spawn with sniper, because they have /supplycrate , then it just make things fair, because if every criminal got a sniper, all LEO's should have it too.
  9. OnweD


    Since SWAT base no longer have ammunation and you spawn without sniper and almost none ammo in your combat shotgun i would suggest to bring back the Swat ammunation or just add 25-50 sniper ammo in the class.
  10. In Game Name: [FK]OnweD List of previous names you have used: OnweD with tags Why do you want to be apart of Special Forces?: I have been always SF member since C5, i was drill instructor and i were really happy with that. I'm active as cop and to be part of SF will make me stronger against criminals, because i'll be able to use SF advantages against the crime. I like to play as cop and as SF member i will be able to make the server more dinamic and funny for everyone, plus i'll be able to protect los santos against criminals easily while being part of that force, helping others cops and being useful against criminals. What can you do as a Special Forces member?: I'll be able to catch and hunt criminals easily because SF have some advantages doing this. I'll be able to teach other LEO's and be an example as player and SF member, i'll help and assist others cops and protect all citizens of the city, making los santos a safe place to everyone. i'll overall contribute more gradually to the server and community because SF member are more respected and have a job to do, that is do be an example for others players. Have you applied before?, if so why have you been denied or kicked?: Yes, community closed. Have you read the Special Forces rules: Yes, I hereby confirm to have read all of the 19 Special Forces rules and I shall follow them. I am aware of the consequences if I fail to do so Post a screenshot of your /stats: How old are you?: 20 Face gave me permission to apply and to edit.
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