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  1. from 4 days server restarted okay and before server restart i bought a small villa so this small villa have a 213 drugs and 100k in storage after server restarted everything is gone the small villa and drugs and the money plz help me to restore my villa and 213 drugs that make me so sad
  2. i want a invite link for discord when i tryed to join it from forum its say erorr ?!
  3. idk i see it in server without tag and i typed /fmembers and i didnt fin his name
  4. Hero


    thanks pro i hope get solution for this bug
  5. Hero


    why when i aim by sniper this thing or this strange item i see it ?
  6. What's your in-game name?:[GSF]shadow List your previous names in GC, C5 and P5:i didnt played in this servers. Where are you from?:Egypt What's interesting you to join DS?: i like to be with team and faction and i see co-operate with members when capturing so you not take by ratio.. i would like to join please What are your previous clans(C5 and P5 included) and why did you leave it?: i didnt played in this servers. Do you agree to abide by GC & DS rules?: yes sure What will be your name with the [DS] tag in case you got accepted?:[DS]Hero Your Discord ID: i dont have discord Post a screenshot of your stats:
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