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  1. We don't TCW until ESDash's proofs on half of DS is checked /clos
  2. yes niikita invited tony and few other cheaters who have 0 score good SUPREME leadee never forgetii [FK]tonny
  3. Thank for inviteing my ,, my ingam name is [FK]tony pleas add to list.. Thank Suprem Leader NIIKITA for giving me a chanc to be in Ferales Kilas some BB' noob repor me for chetting, i hop it gos invali becos I just paly with 16000 DPI and mov my mous 90 degre in 1 fram'e
  4. waiting for djordje current people who need to be added: Stinger r1 Vutromir - Serbia r1 NikolaDaGamer - Bosnia r1 Panda - r4 Pakistan
  5. why is vagrancy banned
  6. what niikola is doing very good respected factrion +support +respect
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