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  1. About time you guys moved to Gta V, well done!
  2. thanks jakki-chan, *turns radio off* regards, Hi im jaakkima.
  3. hello im jaakkima

    1. jaakkima


      hello i am name b dub step

    2. BdUP



  4. hello im jaakkima

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    2. jaakkima


      i dont under stan but im jaakkima

    3. BdUP


      you? ys

    4. jaakkima



  5. Hi guys, I've decided to change FK logo, let me know what you think!
  6. Thanks, i hope he keeps is word!
  7. ok i see it now, we need active players and it's not like we have a big range of skilled players asking to join us, he is active, skilled, friendly, i think he deserves a chance to prove himself in FK. I'm inviting him on the terms you guys get to know him and then decided, everyone happy with that?
  8. Welcome Stinger; I've decided to give him a chance to prove himself, he did indeed help us capture all the zones in the server and seemed skilled at most, i don't know about his behavior but for what i was told he seems alright but only time will tell, if anyone has something to tell please do so now. PEACE. PS: could someone add him onto the list? thanks!
  9. @VAGRANCY Good, how about you? Yeah we all had a great time playing this game!
  10. Hello peps, finally got myself a forum account! how y'all doing?
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