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  1. i lost my new house and got my old house
  2. i lost this house and this bizz!!!
  3. support/ i appreciate your idea will but GC tag
  4. What's your in-game name?: [BB]pola_bear List your previous names in c5: i didnt played this game. Where are you from?: Israel What's interesting you to join DS?: I read in your requirements that you don't care about ratio, but I promise to improve it once I get in a faction. Also, i saw the team work and how you capturing zones and i tried to play with all members and help them how ever i can but if i be in faction i will be more helpfull and i have friends in [DS] but i want all members to be my friends, so I would like to join. What are your previous clans and why did you leave it?:[GSF] , [spete fanclup] , i leaved this factions because i didnt got the team work like what i see in ds and when i started to play with ds members and saw how they play i left those factions and want to be in ds. Do you agree to abide by MW3 & DS rules?: yeah, sure. What will be your name with the [DS] tag in case you got accepted?: [DS]LaSTxllxLouD Your Discord ID: yazan#5485 Post a screenshot of your stats:
  5. what is my in-game name: [GSF]yazanshakoor picture of my stats: tell us something about yourself: - Well my name is yazan i am 17years old i like to make new friends in game i see that you guys are Familiar and i like this faction last but not least if i got accepted then i'll be loyal for this faction i was also loyal in GSF Thanks <3
  6. Your IG name: [GSF]yazanshakoor Describe the bug: i had Burger hub when the server restart continuously after that i lost my burger hub and own my old Bizz i want my that hub back and also 5m The location in-game: Burger hub loc is near market Can you recreate the bug?: idk Screenshot/Video: i don't have
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