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  1. Djordje,ძალიან მაგარი ადამიანია,მასში ნამდვილი მეომრის სულია,but he is glupa
  2. Ofc they are banned now Maras007612133 is screaming “jebam ti mater” 2020 and that braindead used aimbot
  3. No man u need to be brave to join,sadly u are rabbit who is reporting people for posting at their topic in 2020,first you need life and then we can talk about it
  4. Djordje a.k.a no lifer who reported me on forum? Man get a life its 2020
  5. Hi noobsters FK isn’t even trying because we don't give a fuck about /ftop or having free rubber vest Btw I am a homie from Ghetto Bye noobsters don't forget to plant weed
  6. What topi is this spide??!! samp fo laif bro,serve is just ded becoz of admins not becoz it”s 16 old year/s game stop post hunting pleas exit hav many frens and they will play here if good admins will be hire by Human Sources so please stop post hunting
  7. They banned nakke, just because he said the truth, it’s easy, one dude is making a meme topic and saying that “everyone who won't tell newbies wrong cmds, put GC tag in the game” but he doesn't know that he made a meme topic, he's 22 years old kid so I don’t blame him, he just can’t understand that he's a joke of this forum(at least for now), but look, admin is supporting his idea and asking what is GC, so don't worry if the server is dead, it was going to happen anyways
  8. and use English if you want faction HQ
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