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  1. i just want to confirm that i've understood this correctly; you want to create GC tag for community representatives in-game, as in basically in the style of the 'COD5 / C5 / P5' tag in the previous communities?
  2. stop derailing fk factio topic and bulying their members im jaakkima
  3. this is wrong section, this sectio: sugestions pleas create your gang here https://gaming-c.com/forum/32-gangs/
  4. name: nakke broo numbe: ^[1-9]\d?$|^100$ thanks in advanc
  5. hello im jaakkima

    1. jaakkima


      hello i am name b dub step

    2. BdUP



  6. toda y veka trie to ruined event but in the endd every one else had fun except veka (and goo d revards!)(
  7. its a good thing to get a "non-cop" opinion for this matter too. street has some valid points there, the fact that a player has +5k cop score should not unlock a class which would have basically everything. in a perfect world, all classes would be situational and no class would be "meta" therefore: support for 1 or 2 rpg's, alternatively support for "make that bomb useable" support for cia heli against for /stealth, isnt that a sf thing? against for more sniper ammo, more can be bought afterwards, the important thing is that it exists against for emt heli, such thing is not needed
  8. support for more spots of emergency variety is never bad against for more fires per spot firefighter already is way too fast way to accumulate paramedic xp
  9. i joine nakke event and wonned $3290879,1 dollar it was nice and good event i liked woulde rate: stars out of 5 s
  10. hello im jaakkima

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    2. jaakkima


      i dont under stan but im jaakkima

    3. BdUP


      you? ys

    4. jaakkima



  11. today was gym day

    1. ES-Dash


      What city gym? who gym leader? did win?

    2. jaakkima


      i won

  12. against this server has many places in which you don't have a vehicle nearby, slower running would make these situations unbearable. for example, running back to the city after weed truck goes boom boom is painful enough as it is. even cops are stealing civilian cars because no-one wants to run across LS, even with this fast-like-CJ-running. faster running means more intense and faster paced battles. this is not an rp server
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