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  1. We Changed today to a new premium HQ With 2 Helicopters , 1 Car and 2 houses, a Close one to Big Ammunition and Advanced Armory. Thanks to @Tayasoku A.K.A Bumblebee for the donation. A special thank added to him at the end of our topic. Have a nice day!
  2. Master


    Should be fixed already.
  3. Master


    How exactly did that occur? And did you relog to try fixing it?
  4. it's not because of him/them .. it's just i'm busy these days irl with my job and other stuff , so i couldn't come much in-game as i used to ..
  5. he didn't spam , actually streetking posted between his 2 posts but he later removed his reply..
  6. Great Job , KeKs , good luck with it
  7. send me first to know what i want u to do .. added.
  8. - Updated topic title, Joining Requirements, Faction rules, members list and applying format. - All current applications denied. Everyone is put on his right place and correct order according to the faction history.. (founders were always Billy and gameholic , that's not to be edited) From now on no one will be invited without applying .. most randoms in-game who don't meet requirements or not a BB material or don't have a forum account will be kicked .. From now on "Quality over Quantity" as Djordje said. Need someone who can design logos for more edits on the main topic (He'll be rewarded) (can be anyone even if he's not fmember).
  9. Master


    This only occurs because of clothes. as Rabbit said .. if you removed your clothes in any Victim .. this shall be fine.
  10. Top 2 actually , we are rank 2 now on /ftop Soon we'll be rank 1 ..
  11. use the format found on the first page and pm it to BB forum account .. i'll make sure it's added next time i open that acc
  12. Street , thank for reporting that to us .. actions will be taken on that member and we'll see what to be done .. chill out now both of you.
  13. well , he's a good guy i played with him alot , also active in the dead zone with me and panda so he'll be helpful at capping accepted.
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