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  1. hahaha, thankgod sadly I liked droki and timeshift
  2. the onwer who came in a day and kicked one of us because he have done his duty like that would happen to you or me for taking such actions
  3. That should not happen with keks, not because he is DS member if someone is insulting and bullshit he shouldnt take actions.. that sucks and not acceptable, that shouldnt happen with anyone else from faction he just did what any other admin in game would do and one whoever kicked him I blame you for such thing, keks have not done anything wrong so he get kicked from the team.. so how it works punshing any of ds members will lead us to get kicked huh?
  4. your picture with human is best one @streetking/luka
  5. Face


    I dont think adding a weapon for swat is good..
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