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  1. Why us Som3a, Do u know Face’s irl name? (I do) Is ur irl name Isma3el too? Do u remember me from C5?
  2. I am not kicked unless Hamdii sends me a PM on discord / forum. Thank you.
  3. Mate, why did you just take a screenshot of this thing? I have told you 10 times, and others can support me, that I am checking him... I told you again and again and everytime you get killed you tell me the same thing. I was NG and once I saw the amount of the reports on him, I went on-duty, you know that. I have called lvl2+ admins to join and help me and didn’t get any response. I have took plenty of videos on him, some are valid and some are not. I can’t just kick a player(newbie) from the server just because you told me to do so. It is way more complicated than you think... Just to let you know, a decision was taken that only level4/5 can ban aimbots, and I am level 1, so, please, try, just try, to understand my position. I am sorry for what happened, for the misunderstanding.
  4. I am sorry if we have missed something, once you join and this hacker joins, pm me fast on discord I will come in 2 minutes. About youtubers, I agree with you.
  5. The server’s developers are working 24/7 on a new introduction tutorial. We have alot registrations a day but they leave because they don’t understand how the server works. Once they release the tutorial, the player-base will increase. Just patience.
  6. In-game name: iRobot[DS] do u agree with all GC’s rules? Yes sure why do u want to join our gang? Im loyal and teamworker and i wont change my class to cop to arrest newbies your ingame stats(/stats): I will post it once i join GUYS i know that my ratio is low, accept me plz
  7. Nope, just tell him your in-game name and that you are interested to join.
  8. Don’t forget to change in the application format from DS to HFG @Homies From Ghetto
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