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  1. Welcome back [FK]WoodySnakz.
  2. Welcome [FK]313Chance to the family! B_Dup.
  3. Topic updated, sorry i forgot about that. - B_Dup.
  4. Stinger left for BB. Good luck you are not welcomed here anymore. Streetking joined We lost tcw against DS today 4-1, but activity was nice glad to see some members rolling again. topic updated -niik
  5. Welcome to Fearless Killaz, [FK]Fresh aka Adi_ Fresh was invited by me (B_Dup), seen that he's been around helping us i think he deserves a chance to be part of us. E: Welcome [FK]AK4SHY too, invited by Niikola.
  6. Very good job done today guys,keep it up ballas. Officialy welcome to new members: Mkawi, Abolila, drzazga, mehdi and sympathy. Welcome back Galaxy/Gohan and Carl. Physion and Fexu have been promoted to Big Balla. Maokay denied, tried to join here by impersonating our old member Carl. Topic has been updated. -Niik
  7. Edited the topic a little bit, remember this is a new chapter for FK. in which means there is some new decision makers amongst the leaders. So if your name is not there in the Decision makers roster as it were before. It doesn't mean you as a leader has been de-ranked. Just have that in mind. -Weedz
  8. We believe our introduction is uneccessary since our name is quite well known amongst people. As of that we'd like you to know that the 187 squad is officially back in town. Fearless Killaz is a legacy which should not just stay remembered, but continue living. *FK was always a faction that kept their standards high, so any broken rule would result with a punishment* -Do not disrespect faction members (regardless of their rank) -Do not ignore leaders' orders -Do not rape/rob your faction members -Do not arrest/cuff faction members -Do not spread toxicity inside and outside of the faction, we don't want to get a bad photo because of you. -At least 1000 criminal score (Since the Server is recent we will take this score with a pinch of salt) -At least 300 cops score -A minimum K/D ratio of 1.25 -Respectful, trustworthy & loyal [FK]Outlaw [FK]B_Dup *Retired* *they are your go to if anything needs attention!* [FK]Weedz [FK]Erolution [FK]Freaky [FK]Niikola [FK]Maras [FK]Rotal [FK]Fexu Inactive Leaders **These people are respected members of FK and will be taken seriously when(if) they return.** [FK]Scarface [FK]Makaveli [FK]Trancer [FK]Forcedthug [FK]MaJunior [FK]BGKnoccOut [FK]K_Jah [FK]Slicc187 [FK]DanGeR [FK]aceRx [FK]Snorlax Retired Leaders ** No longer a member, but a respected person who help the faction at a time when it needed ** [FK]Orce [FK]Flareon [FK]Vagrancy [FK]Vandetta [FK]OnweD [FK]physion [FK]Carl [FK]Morales [FK]Klid [FK]Mkawi [FK]Abolila [FK]Ahmad [FK]Galaxy ** Training Clan War Manager ** [FK]Prinn [FK]YounqThug [FK]drzazga [FK]mehdi [FK]Fresh_ [FK]Sympathy [FK]AK4SHY [FK]Shark [FK]Streetking [FK]313Chance [FK]WoodySnakz FK Leaders have decided that the applications will be OPENED, from now every player who wants to join our squad can apply in our discord or here on forum with the following format: In-game name: Previous names(This includes the old server): What makes you think you deserve to join us?: State the names of any friends you have in FK(if none leave empty): GMT: In-game Stats: None (past wars excluded) None None Good old days shall return
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