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Open Applications

  • Staff Application

    Trial Admin Description: 

    Trial Admins are the experienced players that should teach the new players everything they should know about the game. They also need to help not just new players but any player that has any questions regarding the game. Admins are always needed and admired people. The staff team is always happy to see people going out of their way to help others. Although there are some players who see the admin role as a way to get perks normal players cant possess. Senior Admins will always be watching recently hired trial admins and how they do their jobs. We will not hesitate to fire them, but those who do a good job, will eventually be promoted to server administrators.


    These requirements are subject to change with the growth of the server

    1. 30 Forum posts.

    2. You must know the basic rules and what is and is not allowed.

    3. Your top priority should always be to help a player in need. 

    side note: if you were an applicant before, please make a new application.

  • Special Forces Application



    • 2500+ cop skill.
    • 300+ Hours of playing.
    • You must know all the server and special forces rules and know what is not allowed.
    • If you are going to apply as a Special Forces member then you must be active as one!
    • You are not allowed to edit your application once posted!
    • No warn level on forum nor being restricted.

  • National Guard Application

    Try to do it as the best as you can! We'll deny those applications with no effort that were made in 1 minute, remember making more effort in your application increases your chances of getting accepted and it shows how much you are really interested to be part of the national guard team.

    Asking for votes is forbidden and it will lead your application to be auto-denied. 



    • 2000 Cop skill
    • 200 Paramedic skill
    • 10 days of gameplay
    • Not been banned recently (2 weeks before applying)

  • Ban Appeal

    In case you have been banned and looking to have your punishment reduced, create a ban appeal. Admins have high toleration towards polite, honest and respectful members.

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