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    • Latest changelog updates (Thanks to Perfect): -FixedAnti RDM system. (Now it is disabled in DM/AD arenas) .. Anti RDM message will only show to players below 500 score. - ID 0 has been removed. (Bugs like it was with lol_bot won't happen) - Money Rush rewards fixed. (First one will always get the most cash) - Command /kill that didn't work is fixed . - Fixed business saving system and did some significant optimizations. - EMTs will not take damage from player unless in range(50) of package spot, zone or weed farm. - EMTs cannot give any damage to player. - Anti Aimbot detection added - Anticheat added(edited) Business paycheck updated and it goes to business vault now. Paychecks are set as stated in this topic: https://gaming-c.com/forum/topic/210-business-classes-prices-and-paychecks/ Business classes, prices and paychecks BIZZ TYPE - PRICE - PAYCHECK 1. Market (24/7) - 5m - 180k 2. Saloon - 10m - 205k 3. Motel - 15m - 230k 4. Burger Hub - 15m - 230k 5. Sex Shop - 25m - 260k 6. Club - 30m - 280k 7. Strip Club - 40m - 300k 8. Victim - 10PK - 400k 9. Pizzeria - 15PK - 450k 10.Restaurant - 20PK - 500k Maps that we had before, like construction zone, swat base, donator houses and 3-4 capture zones were added to the server. No more manual loading so they will always appear. FK's faction gate opening fixed Command /buy fixed Special Forces car spawner fixed KFH HQ map fixed Updates will take change on next restart. (Today when playercount drops) Clothes shop items fixed. If civilian hits you as innocent, his first hit wont count, he will only get wanted level, making the fight fair. Backpack completely removed. You'll get +2 wanted level upon purchase of RPG or Chainsaw. Selling your VIP House to the state will refund some of your PKs аs stated: VIP Luxury = 1Pk VIP Luxury II = 2Pks VIP Luxury III = 3Pks VIP Mansion = 5Pks Cookie Palace = 20Pk Spray can and Knife added to market inventory. Available player slots changed to 100. Command /offerbizz is fixed Saving of properties like house and business is fixed and server is doing it automatically every 30 minutes.  You will no longer lose cars while not owning a house. Bug where stream would turn off upon respawn is fixed Fixed bug were you would get teleported to random house from supply crate Fixed wrong 'sold out' message in supply crate - RPG Store robbery chances are decreased from 95% to 50% only without mask. Wearing a mask increases it back to 95%.(edited) Fixed teleport bug with Gas Station in idlewood Players below 500 score are excluded from low robbery chance if not wearing a mask, furthermore it's 99% for them. You can no longer purchase items from your own business. To manage your faction (/fmanage) you need to be minimum rank 5. XP requirement for faction level up has been increased, due to the fact that some level 2 factions had enough XP for level 5. Level 2 - 800 Faction XP Level 3 - 1600 Faction XP Level 4 - 3200 Faction XP Level 5 - 4800 Faction XP(edited) Command /fupdate is fixed. Also, only required amount will be taken away. -Heist bug is fixed. -Business robbery system has been updated: Robbery lasts for 10 seconds. Fixed double robbery bug. Progress bar now exists. Cooldown for robbing another store is 1 minute. Cooldown for same store to be robbed again is 5 minutes. If business is owned by a player, robbed money will be deduced from his business vault and he'll be notifed if online. Message upon successful robbery added in that log at the bottom of screen. Alarm upon failed robbery will be on for some time for players that are near that business. Motels can be robbed from now on.
    • decent english, meh stats / skill give a proper answer to this question and i might even support your application
    • Best question Face 2020, I'm not. Street is a good guy but sometimes he need to improve his behaviour. Robot and Rabbit they are good admins and they are improving.
    • sometimes he feels he is but no
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